Bled Rafting

Rafting Bled is an adventure that combines pure adventure and glorious nature. It is believed to be a journey full of new discoveries that you can share with your friends or family. During the 2h ride on the Sava River the experienced guides will provide safe and fun-filled journey.

Canyoning Bled

Canyoning is an unforgettable 2h experience. It is a story of discovering magical natural spots while following a crystal clear water trail. If you are curious, you will love the magic of water and unspoilt nature, you will discover a new world which is usually inaccessible. Swimming, jumping, sliding on natural toboggans, games and fun are what make up this new adventure. It is very difficult to describe the emotions you will experience, you need to try it in order to understand it. No previous experience is needed.

Fun skydivig Bled

Experience the thrill of a lifetime! The Tandem skydive is by far the most popular way to make the first skydive. With minimal ground training you are able to experience the exhilaration of a freefall for nearly one minute before the parachute opens. After approximately 20 minutes of ground instruction, you and your tandem jumpmaster will ascend in the aircraft to an altitude of at least 3000 m. Before you exit, you will be attached to a professional tandem pilot via a special harness system. Safely connected and ready for freefall, you both exit the airplane and freefall together until you have descended to an altitude when the parachute is pulled open. The canopy (parachute) ride lasts 4-5 minutes.

Horseback riding Bled

If you dream of riding alongside rivers and experiencing breathtaking views from the top of the mountains, we provide horseback riding adventures through the unspoilt wilderness of Slovenia. Choose between short relaxing trail rides or set yourself for a real challenge and join us on our long rides through some of the most spectacular scenery in Slovenia. Suitable also for beginners.

Hot air ballooning

A hot air balloon ride including a panoramic flight over Bled and its surroundings is a unique adventure and a memorable way of experiencing the city – a unique sensation for anybody. The flight at a height of 50 to 500 metres takes approximately 60 minutes. All the preparations of the balloon are performed and explained in front of the participants. Suitable for anybody – individuals, couples, groups of any age, families, stag & hen parties…

Kayaking Bled

For anyone who likes independence while exploring the wonderful rivers and streams of Slovenia our company provides various equipment rental. Guided tours and kayak schools are available for the inexperienced to gain the necessary knowledge to face more difficult challenges and create a story on their own.

Paragliding Bled

Paragliding is as close to flying as it gets and a tandem flight is the perfect way to enjoy safe flying experience. As a passenger you will only be required to run a few meters during the take off. The wind will catch the chute, and off you go, higher and higher, soaring with the birds. You can take photographs, shout for joy or just sit back and relax in the comfortable foam harness while enjoying the view. No experience is required, as you will be fully briefed before take-off. The duration of the flight depends on weather and wind conditions, however, you can expect your instructor to prolong it as long as possible.

Powered paragliding Bled

Powered Paragliding offers a perfect flying experience with a beautiful view of Bled and the surroundings. A camera is a must! Since powered paragliding does not depend on thermal conditions we can guarantee a 30 minutes of pure flying pleasure. No experience is required, as you will be fully briefed before take-off.

Rent a bike

The countryside around Bled offers numerous possibilities of half-day, full-day or several-day excursions. You can set off on an excursion accompanied by one of our guides, or you can simply rent a bike and explore all the beauties of the Vintgar gorge and the Radovna Valley on your own.

River SUP Bled

River SUP Bled is new activity full of fun and adventure. During outr trip on river Sava (grade II-III) we will do our best to try out your balance and we will show you all the hiden places on the river.